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BHIP Ltd has many different sites, not just knife sharpeners, covering a wide range of products with one similar theme - the great outdoors. We sell products from heart rate monitors, to anemometers (wind speed monitors) and from Gerber Tools to Wenger Swiss Army Knives and from Sailing Knives to EMS TENS muscle stimulators.

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Knife Sharpening Tools and Knife Sharpeners UK

A selection of knife sharpeners from Whitby, Byers, Gatco, Triseps and Gerber. We've used ALL of these knife sharpening tools and they all get the job done without and trouble. With a sharpener you get what you pay for. The cheaper sharpeners do a very good job, but will stop being effective after several hundred sharpening actions. The more expensive ones will sharpen more knives for longer.

Knife Sharpeners - knife sharpening tools from BHIP Ltd Gerber Wenger Leatherman

A selection of knife sharpeners from BHIP Ltd. BHIP Ltd have been selling Gerber and Leatherman since 1999. We have an extensive range of tools and hope we have one that meets your needs

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